Family Legacy

Joe Assad was a life insurance agent for over 40 years.  His wife, Debbie, and daughters, Katie and Betsy, worked with him at his company Texas Insurance Brokers.

After working on the service side of the industry for 5 years, Betsy Assad decided she wanted be on the sales side.  Her father recommend she be trained by one of the top life insurance companies and in 2010 after interviewing with several companies, Betsy became an agent with New York Life.

Having the mentorship of her father and the backing of a Fortune 500 Company**, Betsy began to build her own practice, Assad Financial Group, focusing on building, protecting, and preserving clients' assets.

At Assad Financial Group, we help you develop a strategy to cover your needs and achieve your goals. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary appointment to see how we've been helping individuals, businesses, and families over two generations.

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